Goddess Nicci is a cultured woman of the world. Raised by a college professor from a culinary institute and a restaurant owner, she was exposed to the finer things in life at a young age. From fine dining in Kansas City, her home town, to Paris, France.. she loves the foodie experience. She has been travelling internationally since she was a teen as part of a student Amnesty International and continued that travel as an adult in college and for pleasure. She is well versed in issues of the world and finds being informed to be an important aspect of life.


Goddess Nicci takes pleasure in learning and increasing her repertoire of knowledge. She has an associates of computer science, a BS with majors in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology and is currently working on a PhD in Sex Therapy. Whether you like to be whipped or not, her mind is something sharp. A natural dominant and entrepreneur she carves a path where ever she wants to go in life. She has been a successful business owner in multiple industries and has been a pro-dom for 10 years.

In her free time Goddess Nicci enjoys staying fit and enjoying the outdoors in Colorado. An avid weight lifter and hiker for the past 13 years her body is something reserved for perfection. Aside from physicality she is also an avid reader, film buff and artist. She enjoys panting, drawing, sewing and graphic design. She is well versed in photoshop, adobe premiere and web development. At home she likes to tend to her vegetable garden, meditate and play with her pit/lab Luna. Goddess Nicci also enjoys working with her hands and has capabilities in MIG welding, wood working, basic plumbing/electrical and plasma cutting. 

Favorite Movies: Endless Poetry, Lost Highway, Flash Gordon, The Network, The Dreamers, Cabin in the Woods, They Live and anything Horror.

Favorite Books: Steppenwolfe, The Stand, The Selfish Gene, Guns Germs and Steel, The Sun Also Rises, Tropic of Cancer, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and many more..